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SshDesk is a file explorer that outperforms FTP and SFTP clients.
It accesses your server directly through the secure SSH channel.
It facilitates the creation of clones of Web applications and shops to make your migrations faster and more secure.

Developed by the company Intuisphere in France, it is the essential tool for Web professionals.

Manage your server and web applications in a flash

The SSH client that is faster than an SFTP/FTP client to transfer your files.
Make your life easier as a developer or Web professional
Optimize the management and migration of your online stores such as Wordpress or Prestashop.

Make your web application migrations intuitive

What if migrating a shop from one server to another could be done in a few clicks?

A true Internet design studio

Take advantage of your server's Ssh access and advanced synchronization capabilities (Rsync).

Fast file transfer.
Edit multiple files on the server simultaneously.
Quickly delete folders and files.
Compress files and folders.
Folder synchronization.
Install Wordpress in one click.
Backup and restore online stores.

Python scripts
secure shell